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While there are some of my clothes that get thrown out, there are also a lot that I keep in storage. Once in a while, it is fun to look through them and remember the times long ago when I wore them. Some clothes are things that I wonder why I ever wore them. Some are simply too small for me to fit in. Some clothes items, such as some of my old band t-shirts take me back and remind me of cool places I visited and fun bands that I saw back when I was a a lot younger. This site is dedicated to telling your personal history through clothing and fashion.


Fostering Sisterhood: Products That Show Pride In Your Sorority

9 December 2015
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A sorority is a group that often becomes the home away from home for the women that join the sorority. It is made up of young women who have similar goals, and there are usually a number of sororities to choose from on a college campus. Showing pride for your sorority is done in a number of ways, and one way is to wear clothing and accessories that only you and your sorority sisters wear. Read More …

Why You Should Shop At Boutiques As Much As Possible

21 October 2015
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Shopping at a local boutique can be a very rewarding experience. Not only are you supporting your local economy, but also you will be able to purchase more unique items and get personalized service. In this era of big box stores and fast fashion, boutiques revitalize the shopping experience and make it special. To get the most out of shopping at a boutique, it's important to establish a rapport with the owner and/or salespeople. Read More …

3 Tips For Picking The Right Polo Shirt Color Scheme To Go With Your Business Environment

25 August 2015
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To put as good of an impression as possible in your customers' minds, it's important to give your employees quality uniforms that say something distinctive about your business. Especially if your business primarily serves wealthier clients, polo shirts are a great way to project class without looking desperate for attention. When you're trying to decide what polo shirt uniform color scheme goes best with your particular business environment, read these three tips. Read More …

Three Nifty Ideas For Baby Shower Presents

17 August 2015
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Picking out presents for a baby shower can take a bit of work, but you will choose the perfect gift if you start with some great ideas. This article will present a number of worthy ideas for baby shower gifts for either a little boy or girl, so that you can start the proud new parents off on the right food. Regardless of what sort of budget you are working with, the gifts presented below will be wonderful for any brand new bundle of joy. Read More …

Getting Your Little Fashionista Organized For School

10 August 2015
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Back-to-School can be one of the craziest times of the year. Getting into a routine can be difficult after a long summer, and the desire for your daughter to be independent can pose a particular challenge, especially when it comes to her wardrobe. If your little princess is particularly fond of the tutu and blue-jeans with rain boots look or the three-sizes-too-small t-shirt with leggings look, the thought of allowing her to choose her own outfits for school can be downright scary. Read More …