Think About These Details When You Buy A Double Stroller With A Stroller Board

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Think About These Details When You Buy A Double Stroller With A Stroller Board

27 April 2022
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A new double stroller will make life much easier when you need to get around with two small children. Whether you have two kids of your own or you have a single child and you frequently babysit another, you can expect to get many hours of use out of your double stroller. When you're assessing these devices, you'll see some that have a stroller board — a platform that is mounted to the rear of the stroller and is mainly designed for an older child to stand on while you push the stroller. If you feel that a stroller board would be a useful feature on the stroller that you buy, here are some points that you should learn about.


When you have an older child standing on the stroller board while you push the stroller around your neighborhood, you want to be confident in their ability to remain on this platform. It's important to carefully learn about the amount of grip that different stroller boards offer. On some models, the board is made of plastic that has a textured surface. This surface will provide a degree of grip, but there are better options, particularly when the child's shoes are wet. Consider choosing a stroller that has a board that is covered in rubber or has grip tape, the latter of which has a sandpaper-like feel that is similar to skateboards.

Weight Capacity

You'll also need to determine the weight capacity of each stroller board on any double stroller that you're thinking about buying. Once you learn this number, compare it against your child's weight. You should be thinking not just about your child's current weight, but also about the weight that you expect them to be in several months' time. You'll likely use your new double stroller for a prolonged duration, so it's ideal if the stroller board can accommodate your child as they get older and heavier.

Ease Of Removal

While you'll likely want the stroller board attached to the double stroller for many of your outings, there may be times that you wish to remove it. For example, if you aren't taking an outing with an older child and you want the stroller to be more compact when you fold it to put into your vehicle, it may make sense to remove the stroller board. You'll want to see how quick and easy this part is to remove. The removal method can vary from model to model, so it's ideal if you choose a stroller in which this task is simple.

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