4 Tips for Sleep on Your Next Airplane Flight

When you have a long flight to make and need to be ready for work or other activities when you arrive at your destination, getting some sleep on the flight can help. But what is the best way to ensure you will be in a position to sleep a little on the plane? Here are four things to consider that can help put you in a position to catch a little sleep and hit the ground running when you land.

Pick the Right Seat

While it is not always possible to pick the seat you want on the plane, often you can go online to the airline’s website and see the seats available. Normally the question of window seat or aisle is asked when you buy your ticket but not necessarily the row you want to sit in. Check in the night before your flight to see if there is an empty row that you can move your seat to and sit next to the window to allow you the most room and something to lean on while sleeping.

Use Sleep Aids

While not everyone wants to take a sleep aid, you can find some all natural ones that may help you fall asleep on the plane. For instance, Melatonin, the hormone in your brain that encourages sleep, is available over the counter and is a great way to help you fall asleep on your flight. Take a low dose to make you drowsy and it can help you get some good, natural sleep in flight.

Take Off Your Shoes

Sleeping can be more comfortable without your shoes on, but some people don’t like to remove them when they fly. However, when you fly, your feet will swell a little, and removing your shoes is a great way to encourage better circulation, making you more comfortable during the flight. Wear new socks and slip on shoes for your flight so freeing the dogs is easy and getting those shoes back on at the other end can be done with very little effort.

Sleep on Your Best Side

Do you sleep better on one side or the other? Planning your seat to let you sleep on that side can be a good option. If you sleep better on your right side, see about a window seat on the right side of the plane if it is available. That way you can lay against the window on your right and sleep more comfortably.

These four tips may make it a little easier for you to catch a few winks on your next flight and make it easier for you to arrive awake, alert, and ready for your day.

3 Tips to Make Your Public Laundromat Experience a Little Bit Better

Doing laundry is just a fact of life. Not many people get super excited about heading off to the public laundromat, but it’s something you have to do if you want to have a clean wardrobe. Things can be more complicated if the laundromat you use tends to be especially busy. That said, here are three tips to keep in mind that might improve your laundromat experience.

Get Organized Before You Get There

In order to minimize the amount of time you are fighting for space with other customers, sort all of your laundry before you get to the laundromat. Being able to simply walk in, throw in a few loads and walk out until everything is ready for the dryer can be a great help. Likewise, always check your detergent and fabric softener supplies before you head out. Some laundromats may sell supplies on site, but, if you are running low, it’s probably less expensive to swing by a retail store and purchase some yourself before you get there. Finally, if you need to pre-treat a stain before it goes in the wash, careful dab some cleaner on the stain and just make sure it’s covered by other clothing so it doesn’t make a mess in your car.

Vinegar is Your Friend

Laundromats are designed to keep clothes clean but the washers and sometimes the dryers can pick up residue from other people’s cleaning cycles over time. It’s probably a good idea to give the washer and dryer you use a quick cleaning before you put any clothes in. Thankfully, this should not be a painful ordeal, you only need a paper towel and a small bottle of vinegar. A quick wipe along all sides of the inside of the machine will remove any residue and hopefully get rid of any smell that may be lingering.

Put a Note With The Time You Will Be Back On The Machine

The one sight everyone hates to see in a laundromat is all of their clothes lying on the floor because someone couldn’t wait for you to return after the machine was finished. To avoid this problem, simply take a few sticky notes with you and write down the time that you will be back for the clothes. Always leave an empty basket behind, next to the note. Worst case scenario, if someone moves your clothes, they will hopefully at least put it in the empty basket instead of somewhere random.

Laundry isn’t usually seen as fun, but it can be a tolerable experience if you go to the public laundromat already prepared for the job. Pre-sort your laundry before you get there, bring cleaning supplies for the machines themselves, and be courteous of other people’s time, and your next laundromat experience should go off without a hitch. You can also talk to a laundromat like Indian Village Laundromat about other ways to make doing laundry easier.

Unique Eyewear Trends To Try

If you consider yourself on the cutting edge of fashion from head to toe, then you know you love eyewear as much as you love necklaces, shoes, and other accessories. If you want to really stand out, try some unique eyewear trends that are sure to turn heads in all the right ways.

Wooden sunglasses

Sometimes eyewear is all about the texture and medium when it comes to making a statement. A trend that is sure to become a classic is wooden sunglasses, made from gorgeous grains of real wood. This eyewear style creates a sophisticated look that pairs well with all your seasonal outfits, and it comes in wood of various colors and textures. Consider bamboo sunglasses with a soft tan or gold finish, or go daringly dark with walnut or maple wooden sunglasses. 

Colored lenses

If color is your thing, then you can make any type of eyewear one-of-a-kind by adding a pop of color to the lenses. You can go traditional and retro by having the lenses of your glasses or sunglasses tinted a muted coffee brown, or go a bit more daring and opt for violet, sky blue, red, or even orange in tint. Classic rose is also sweet and complements work wear and casual wear alike. When having your lenses tinted, make sure you choose lenses that will protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Gems and jewels

Eyewear should be all about expression, and there is no better way to make a statement than by incorporating gems and jewels into your eyewear. You can be traditional with your style by having imitation diamonds, rubies, or other stones placed along the earpiece stems of your sunglasses, or go outside the box by having moonstones, pearls, or even crystals placed in the frames of your eyewear instead.


If you are used to dark eyewear, such as navy, brown, or black, then try switching to pastels in creamy white, dusty pink, or even sherbet orange. You can also try going with neon hues in vibrant green, orange, yellow, or purple to let your funky side out. Color is a great way to stand out with your style and start trends even when everyone else is wearing neutral-toned eyewear.

Eyewear can be as fashionable as everything else in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your own personal style, especially when there are so many eyewear trends you can try. For more information, contact local professionals like Woodroze.

There’s More To Wild Fashion Than Animal Prints: Cool Designs You Can Try

If you like to walk on the daring side of fashion, you’ve likely tried wearing animal prints in the past. Whether you have donned zebra stripe leggings or leopard-inspired flats, you know that you can turn heads by letting the wild animal kingdom take over your wardrobe. Wild fashion goes beyond the expected and traditional prints, however, and you can make a huge statement by thinking outside the box. Here are fashion trends you can try that allow you to do just that.

Quirky totes

A quirky tote brandishing a uniquely colorful and fun animal is sure to turn some heads, especially if you make your bag your signature statement piece for the day. Consider a tote that features a bright or popular bird, such as a peacock, flamingo, or an owl. If you are showcasing a bird print on your tote, mix things up and give it a splash of class by opting for a black and white version of a colorful species rather than a full-color design. This will turn heads and allow you to accessorize your tote for work and play. Check out a company like Flamingo Designs to browse their selection of quirky totes.

Statement tops

Repeating patterns mimic animal prints in a new way. Consider creating a statement top with a repeating elephant, giraffe, rhino, or alligator silhouette. The print doesn’t have to be large or in full detail to make a statement as the choice of animal to be printed does all the talking for you. Safari prints are a trending and expected fashion statement so you can think outside the fashion line without appearing too childish in your appearance.

Wild accessories

If you aren’t ready to really let your fashion sense roar just yet, stick to simple accessories that are animal-based but not too flashy. A paw print staple necklace, tiger-face cocktail ring, peacock feather earrings, or even a snake bangle to wrap around your wrist are all ways you can express your wild side without going too far overboard. Pair these accessories with modern pieces you love to really mix things up.

If you are tired of the classic animal prints you see worn everywhere or you just want to try something new, there are many ways you can do so with animal-inspired pieces. Pair your wild fashion pieces with neutral clothing items to allow them to stand out, or let them be worn in a muted way so you can show off your style without feeling overwhelmed by your fashion choices.

Three Necessities For Winter Hunting Boots

When you are out hunting your trophy through the harsh winter months the last thing that you want to worry about is your feet. There are so many different boots that are available and many of them have great aspects, but fall short in some areas. This article is going to outline three absolute must haves when it comes to winter hunting boots. Like mentioned earlier there are many boots that are available, and it can be very difficult to pick out the right pair. So, when you are picking out your winter hunting boots be sure that these three features are included.


One of the biggest mistakes that is made when picking up winter boots is the lack of airflow. You can have the warmest boots in the world but if your feet sweat, you are in danger of becoming cold. There are many boots out there that provide breathability along with great warmth. Look for boots that advertise breathability or boots that allow moisture to be transported away from the feet. A boot company will outline product highlights on tags, and be sure the tag says it allows for moisture to be wicked away from your foot, or that it is breathable. 


It is going to be very cold if you are hunting in the winter, but do not think for one second that all the water is going to be solid. If the sun is out for an extended period of time, there is a very good chance that some of the snow will be melted. You are going to come across water, and the worse thing that could possibly happen is getting your feet wet. Your winter boots absolutely have to be waterproof. 

Well Insulated 

There are many different grades of insulation. Your winter hunting boots will need to be picked for a very specific area. If you are going to be hunting in the Canadian Rockies, you are going to need more insulation than say if you are hunting the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. There are different colds in the world, and you are going to need to be specific about how much insulation you need. If you try to get a medium amount of insulation you risk being cold during really cold weather, or to hot in an average winter. Be sure that you get the right amount of insulation for the area you are going to be in. 

Have Bike Will Travel: 4 Tips To Ensure The Perfect Road Trip

If you recently purchased your first motorcycle and you’re eager to take off on a road trip, make sure you’re prepared before you hit the road. There’s more to a road trip than just packing a few things and leaving. Road trips require a lot of careful planning, if you want to really enjoy the trip. Here are four steps you should take before you leave your first motorcycle road trip.

Perform the Maintenance

Even if your bike is brand new, you’ll still need to perform the basic maintenance before you take off. This step should include checking the tires for proper inflation, adjusting the headlamp for maximum visibility, and lubricating the brake and clutch cables.

Know Your Limits

If you’re going to be packing supplies and luggage onto your bike, make sure you know its load limits. The load limit will tell you exactly how much total weight your bike can carry at one time – this includes you and any gear you’ve packed. If you’re not sure what the load limit is for your bike, check the owner’s manual. Carrying too much weight on your bike could cause an accident, especially if the load shifts and causes your bike to lose proper balance.

Have the Right Gear

When you’re traveling on a motorcycle, you’re completely exposed to the elements. If it’s raining, you’re going to get wet. If it’s snowing, you’re going to get cold. Before you take off on your road trip, make sure you have the proper gear for all types of weather conditions. If you’re traveling in the winter, make sure you have protective gloves, heated vest liners and waterproof outerwear. If you’ll be traveling during the summer, be sure you have plenty of sunscreen, UV-protected goggles, and a cool wrap for your neck.

Map Out the Route

You may be tempted to take off without a clear idea of where you want to go. While that might sound adventurous, it can turn into a disaster if you encounter problems along the way. Before you take off on your road trip, take the time to map out the route you plan on taking. If you’ll be traveling alone, give the details of your trip with a friend or loved one. This will allow them to follow your tracks if they lose contact with you.

Now that you’re planning your first road trip on your new bike, take the time to fully prepare for the adventure. Follow the tips provided here to make sure you’re ready for the road. For assistance, talk to a professional like Triumph Detroit.

3 Tips For Wearing Leggings As Pants…Without Being Tacky

As you probably already know, there is something of a war out there in regards to wearing leggings as pants. Many people love wearing them as an alternative to pants, and it certainly makes sense — they’re incredibly comfortable, they’re flattering, and they’re affordable. However, it can be easy to show off a little more than you intended, particularly if you buy the wrong leggings or wear them the wrong way. Luckily, following these three tips can help you wear leggings as pants without looking tacky.

1. Cover Your Backside

Overall, with many leggings, it is best to wear a long shirt — such as a tunic — that covers up your backside. Leggings can become incredibly tight on this area of the body, particularly when you bend over, allowing people to see a little more than you probably meant for them to. Luckily, tunics are all the rage nowadays, and you have other options, too — a button-down shirt, such as a plaid shirt, can look great with leggings if it’s a little bit baggy. Long sweaters and sweatshirts can look nice with leggings, too.

2. Skip the Skin-Colored Leggings

Unless you want to risk becoming the target in a nasty meme, it’s generally best to avoid skin-colored leggings. Because they are so form-fitting and can show every curve of the body (sometimes even the ones that you might not want to show), it can truly look as if you aren’t wearing pants at all, particularly from a distance. You don’t have to stick to plain black leggings — there are so many colors and patterns out there that can be lots of fun — but it’s best to avoid shades that match your natural skin tone too closely.

3. Make Sure They Aren’t Too Thin

Too-thin leggings can be easy to see through. Before buying a pair of leggings, hold your hand behind the material. If you can see your skin through the leggings, people are going to be able to see your skin when you’re wearing them, too. Look for slightly thicker leggings that are completely opaque if you want to avoid a major fashion faux pas.

As you can see, it is possible to wear leggings as pants without being tacky. Give these three tips a try, and you can keep it classy and look your best while also staying completely comfortable in a pair of leggings. Click here for more information.

4 Great Benefits Of Yoga

When you are looking for a new form of overall health and fitness that can be useful to your life, yoga is a great way to go. Yoga has a great deal of health and wellness benefits that any person can enjoy. Because of this, you should pay attention to these four yoga benefits below and then reach out to a studio in your area that can provide you with ongoing classes.

You will have a great deal of flexibility

One of the main benefits of yoga is that you will be loose, limber and flexible. This comes in handy not only if you engage in athletic activity, but simply to have more comfort in your everyday life. By staying in yoga classes frequently, you can go from a person who can’t even touch your toes to someone who can do a back bend effortlessly. You will be able to loosen up your back, hamstring, hips, knees and more. This will allow you to have more comfort in your everyday life, while also maintaining excellent posture.

You will have better overall mental health

People that have problems focusing, sleeping and otherwise keeping their thoughts together find yoga to help them overcome those problems. By taking part in yoga classes, you will have a sense of overall awareness and comfort which decreases your stress levels and allows you to receive benefits in your overall life. You will have both a sound mind and body and will be able to do your best to focus through problems in your life.

Yoga is excellent for back problems

People who go to yoga for a few months can gain more functionality in their backs, even if the pain remains. Since so many people deal with back tightness and pain, especially in a climate in which more people sit down at computer desks for hours every day, yoga can be quite helpful. In fact, numerous studies have shown that patients report that yoga does more for their chronic back pain than traditional care methods.

Yoga will strengthen your body overall

Since yoga is a total body workout, you will be able to receive strength in your core, arms, legs, back and glutes. The best part of this is that yoga enhances functional strength, so it will carry over into every aspect of your life, unlike other strength workouts. It is a low-impact workout that uses only gravity and your body weight, so all of these workouts are safe to use.

Consider these four benefits and reach out to a studio that can teach you more. Also, visit a company like PRJON to get the right clothing for your yoga workouts.

Zero Waste Feminine Hygiene Options

Feminine hygiene practices can generate a lot of waste for the landfill, whether it’s from pads or tampons. Both usually come encased in plastic, complete with plastic applicators. If you are trying to lower your environmental footprint by generating less waste, then you need a reusable option for that time of the month. The following are three alternatives to the high-waste methods used in the past.

#1: Reusable Pads

Reusable pads are generally made from several layers of highly absorbent fabric stitched together. They may also have a water proof liner on the exterior to help prevent leakage. Almost all designs come complete with wings, which fasten together around the central liner of your panties to keep the pads in place. After use, rinse them in cold water and then simply wash them for later reuse.

These work well if you are already a pad user, as they have the same drawbacks as disposable pads. They can leak or shift throughout the day. If you don’t like the bulky feel of pads, then reusable pads probably won’t work well for you.

#2: Menstrual Cups

The cup is a suitable replacement for tampons, if those are your preference. Most cups are made of silicone, although rubber models are also available. Two size are commonly available – one for those that have had children and one for those that have not. You may need to experiment to see which size is best for you. Using the cup is relative straight forward – it does need to be emptied and rinsed out a few times a day, and then thoroughly washed and stored between periods.

Insertion does have a learning curve, much as it would with tampons. You will need to practice putting it in, and you may need to wear a panty liner at first until you have mastered the maneuver.

#3: Period Panties

These can be used on their own or as a back-up system for pads or cups. They come in different absorbency levels, from minimal to high, so you may need to purchase several to match your flow throughout your period. These panties use several layers of wicking fabrics, which move the moisture away from your body and then trap it in a waterproof layer. Wearing these is very similar to wearing regular panties, although the material is a bit thicker. Except for the heaviest days, you usually don’t even need to change your panties until the evening because there is no moisture or odor.

The special washing needed is the biggest hassle with period panties. They do need to be washed in cold water and hung dry, but this isn’t much different than the needs for other delicates.

Click here to buy period panties or do an online search. 

Using one of these methods, or a couple of methods together, could provide the zero-waste feminine care solution you need to quit generating waste.

2 Reasons To Consider An Artistic Scarf As A Gift

Giving someone a gift can often be a difficult endeavor due to trying to find just the right gift to appeal to the recipient’s tastes. However, an artistic scarf can often be a great choice, as there are a number of different ways to make the scarf appeal to your loved one. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider giving your friends or loved ones an artistic scarf.

Variety of Art Styles

One of the biggest reasons to consider an artistic scarf as a gift is the fact that they are often available in a huge number of different types. For example, you can choose to buy an artistic scarf that incorporates portions of famous fine art paintings or depictions of famous sculptures for the fine art lover in your life. However, you can also choose to have patterns from ancient Greek or Roman pottery if you are interested in purchasing a gift for someone that is very interested in ancient history.

In addition, you do not need to buy artistic scarves that are modeled after famous patterns or works of art. There are a number of independent and budding artists that have turned to scarves as a way to increase their income and exposure, which greatly increases the number of different scarf styles at your disposal. 

Literary Options

Another reason to consider an artistic scarf is that you can even find options that will appeal to individuals that may not be fans of fine art. For example, there are a number of literary scarf options available that will consist of passages from famous or popular novels. This is a great option that can greatly appeal to any bibliophiles in your life. 

In addition, you can even find a number of online services available that will customize these scarves with passages or multiple pages from whatever book that you like. These services will simply ask that you provide them with the text or the page numbers from the book that you want and they will take care of printing that text on the scarf. This is a good choice if the person you are wanting to give a gift to has a favorite book or novel that is particularly meaningful to him or her.

Visit an artistic scarf dealer online, such as MODRA STYLE, in order to see the wide range of options that are available to you. Artistic scarves are high-quality gift ideas that can be crafted with a variety of scenes and patterns from various art styles or with a number of literary passages.