4 Tips To Ensure Your Promotional Screen Printing Turns Out Great

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4 Tips To Ensure Your Promotional Screen Printing Turns Out Great

16 August 2022
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If you are working on creating promotional material for your business, it helps to know how to approach the screen printing process. Custom screen printing can produce unique promotional material to make your business stand out.

Think About the Item Color

Before starting your design, you must consider what you are putting the design on and how the promotional item will be used. For example, if you are creating t-shirts for a kid's sports team, you may want to use dark colors to hide stains. Or, if you are making t-shirts for a promotional golf tournament in the summer, you may want to go with lighter colors t-shirts. 

Knowing the item color, you will be screenprinting on can help you choose a design that pops and stands out. 

Choose a Clear Image

When choosing an image to put on your promotional items, start with a clear image or artwork. Select an image that is large and crisp. Ensure the image has a high resolution, so the screen print comes out. Avoid any images that detail that are too small or fuzzy; they are not going to look that good when you screenprint them.

Stick to a Few Colors

When choosing your image, stick to a few colors. Look for an image or logo that has 3-4 primary, strong colors. If an image has too many colors, the colors may not transfer well, and the picture may not stand out as you want it to. If you want the image to stand out, sticking to a specific color pallet can be helpful. 

This is where you will want to think back to the type of material you are printing the image on. If you print the image on dark clothing, you want to use brighter colors to stand out. If you are printing the image on lighter-colored clothing, you may want to use darker colors that will stand out. The material you are printing on should be considered when choosing and crafting the image for your screen printing. 

Get a Proof

Finally, you are going to want to get proof. A proof is an example of your image or logo printed on the desired material or item. A proof will allow you to see the artwork's appearance when it is screen printed. You can go ahead with your order if you like how it turned out. If the screenprinting doesn't look like you thought it would, you can work with your screen printer to adjust the design to get the result you are looking for. 

When screenprinting your promotional material, choose a straightforward design with colors that will work well with the material you are printing. Always get proof to ensure your screenprinting looks how you want before you move forward with your order.