Why You Should Shop At Boutiques As Much As Possible

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Why You Should Shop At Boutiques As Much As Possible

21 October 2015
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Shopping at a local boutique can be a very rewarding experience. Not only are you supporting your local economy, but also you will be able to purchase more unique items and get personalized service. In this era of big box stores and fast fashion, boutiques revitalize the shopping experience and make it special. To get the most out of shopping at a boutique, it's important to establish a rapport with the owner and/or salespeople. If you are a loyal customer or even a frequent visitor to the shop, they are likely to give you exceptional service that goes beyond the level that they provide for typical customers.

Here is a list of tips to establish a relationship with your local boutiques:

Stop in frequently

The first thing you can do is just to stop in as much as possible. Ask how often they get new items into their store and if possible stop by roughly on this schedule. Even of you don't purchase anything right away, the salespeople will get to know you and your taste.

Sign up for their mailing list

This is the best way to find out about sales and in-store events. You may even get invited to holiday parties and secret sales!

Attend in-store events

This is a great way to meet more of the staff and to possibly get free drinks and food or to win a raffle.

Purchase items

The more frequently you buy items from their store, the better your relationship will become with a boutique. It may surprise you to find out that most stores rate customers based on the frequency of items purchased and not how expensive those items are. Of course every boutique would love if a customer stopped in often and also dropped a chunk of money every time. But the truth is, most boutiques would rather have a customer that stops in all the time and buys things here and there that they really and truly love, then a customer who rarely comes to their store but spends a good deal when they go there,

Mention the boutique in social media

Take a picture of your new goods and use the store's hashtag.

The benefits of establishing a relationship

If you establish a relationship with your local boutiques, you will be treated to amazing service, possible discounts, and items that are selected for you and set aside for you to look at before other customers. The staff will get to know your taste so they can show you new items that you'll love and can suggest clothing or jewelry pieces that will compliment your style and look great on you.

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