3 Tips For Picking The Right Polo Shirt Color Scheme To Go With Your Business Environment

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3 Tips For Picking The Right Polo Shirt Color Scheme To Go With Your Business Environment

25 August 2015
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To put as good of an impression as possible in your customers' minds, it's important to give your employees quality uniforms that say something distinctive about your business. Especially if your business primarily serves wealthier clients, polo shirts are a great way to project class without looking desperate for attention. When you're trying to decide what polo shirt uniform color scheme goes best with your particular business environment, read these three tips.

Use A Bright Color Like White Or Turquoise For Outdoor Work

Bright colors project energy and athleticism appropriate for all sorts of outdoor businesses. If your business happens to only be viable in the summer, bright polo shirts are also good because they reflect more energy than dark polo shirts. If you get a freak chilly and cloudy day, you can always keep some uniform sweatshirts on hand in your business.

While white is the safe and obvious choice, turquoise's relative rarity as an apparel color will draw more attention to your polo shirts. To make your decision, consider how tolerant you think your customers will be for out of the ordinary colors.

In A Dim Indoor Business, Find A Shirt Color That Contrasts The Most With Light Fixture Colors

In a dim indoor business, if most visible lights are about the same color as your employees' polo shirts, your customers will have a hard time distinguishing between them and other customers. But if you decide to make most of the light fixtures in your business emit red light, cyan and blue will be your most effective polo shirt colors. Whatever indoor business light color you choose, just go to the opposite of the color wheel for the ideal polo shirt color.

If the lights in your business's building are bright, however, contrast isn't usually your best bet. Since your employees will be easy to spot no matter what you do, just giving them dark colored polo shirts will ensure that your customers don't get distracted by them.

Use A Multitude Of Colors If Your Employees Work In A Very Crowded Area

If your business involves working with lots of people at once and your employees are typically spread out among a large crowd, put a multitude of colors on your polo shirts. This will make it easy for you to distinguish one of your employees from a long way away. Although you can't stop members of the crowd from wearing solid color polo shirts, it's unlikely that any of them will wear a shirt with a complicated pattern that resembles your own shirts.

For aesthetic purposes, it's a good idea to put one color on the shirt's shoulders, another on the collar, and a third on the shirt's body itself. If you're looking to customize polo shirts for your business, visit www.allusaclothing.com.