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While there are some of my clothes that get thrown out, there are also a lot that I keep in storage. Once in a while, it is fun to look through them and remember the times long ago when I wore them. Some clothes are things that I wonder why I ever wore them. Some are simply too small for me to fit in. Some clothes items, such as some of my old band t-shirts take me back and remind me of cool places I visited and fun bands that I saw back when I was a a lot younger. This site is dedicated to telling your personal history through clothing and fashion.


Three Marks of a Good Pair of Work Boots

7 August 2015
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A good pair of work boots has to serve several purposes. They need to protect your feet from sharp and rugged objects, keep your feet dry, keep you from slipping, and support your arch so you don't come home sore after a long day on your feet. How can you tell the difference between a good pair of work boots that will serve these functions, and one that will leave you feeling sore and in danger? Read More …

How To Select The Most Flattering Lingerie For Your Body Type

13 November 2014
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Whether you're shopping for lingerie for your wedding night or simply want to surprise your significant other with some sexy lingerie, the fact remains that not all styles of lingerie are flattering on all body types. In order to look your best and feel the most confident in your new designer lingerie, like pieces from Lena Style, then it's important that you not only know your body type, but that you know how to find lingerie that flatters your body type. Read More …