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While there are some of my clothes that get thrown out, there are also a lot that I keep in storage. Once in a while, it is fun to look through them and remember the times long ago when I wore them. Some clothes are things that I wonder why I ever wore them. Some are simply too small for me to fit in. Some clothes items, such as some of my old band t-shirts take me back and remind me of cool places I visited and fun bands that I saw back when I was a a lot younger. This site is dedicated to telling your personal history through clothing and fashion.


Training For A Marathon? 3 Things To Wear

9 July 2019
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If you are big into running, or if you have always wanted to be, then you may want to consider training for a marathon. To make sure that your race goes as smoothly as possible and that you enjoy every step of the way (literally), this article will list a few pieces of clothing that you should invest in getting before the day of your big race. Are you ready to learn some more? Read More …

Four Career Separates You Should Have In Your Closet

15 May 2019
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If you're like many young women who have recently graduated from college, you're undoubtedly experiencing a mixture of anticipation and uncertainty. Navigating the professional world for the first time can be daunting, and you'll be learning something new every day — and this can be overwhelming for many people. You probably already know that developing a thriving professional career is more than just having the right education and credentials. For instance, recent college graduates often struggle with creating a career wardrobe, and this is often made even more challenging because standards for professional dress have fluctuated significantly during recent years. Read More …