Training For A Marathon? 3 Things To Wear

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Training For A Marathon? 3 Things To Wear

9 July 2019
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If you are big into running, or if you have always wanted to be, then you may want to consider training for a marathon. To make sure that your race goes as smoothly as possible and that you enjoy every step of the way (literally), this article will list a few pieces of clothing that you should invest in getting before the day of your big race. Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

Lycra Leggins

Both males and females may benefit from wearing some sort of lycra leggings while they are running. Typically, when men wear lycra stretch fabric running tights, they will put a pair of shorts over the top, but women often just wear them on their own. The great thing about leggings that are made out of a lycra stretch fabric is that they will give you the compression you need in your legs when running long distances while also giving you the flexibility that will help you along every step of the way. 

Moisture Wicking Tank or Shirt

Another thing that you will want to get is a running tank top or shirt that is made of moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric will help you repel sweat from your body when you are doing a long run. Plus, running tanks are also usually made out of lycra stretch fabric which will give you the same type of flexibility and movement that you need during a long race. Just make sure that you pick a top that fits you well so that it doesn't ride up on you throughout your run. 

Running Shoes

You don't want to get a brand new pair of running shoes for race day, but you also don't want to wear an ancient pair of shoes either. Instead, you will want a pair of shoes that you have been able to train in for about a month or two before your race. Why is this? Because you don't want to get blisters or have sore feet during your run. By breaking your shoes in a little bit beforehand, you can avoid running into any of these issues during your actual race. 

Try out all of these things before your actual race so that you can make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. To learn more or to purchase any of these things before your big run, reach out to a sports retailer near you and have them help you with sizing for your clothes using lycra stretch fabric or other materials.