Crotchless Lingerie Products That Aren't Panties

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Crotchless Lingerie Products That Aren't Panties

14 January 2022
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If you like the idea of wearing crotchless panties to surprise and tease your partner, you won't have trouble finding the type of panties that you want at your local lingerie retailer. While many people enjoy wearing crotchless panties, you might not know that there are lots of other types of lingerie that are crotchless. If you want to buy something new and you're looking for an alternative to panties, visit a lingerie store or website and browse its selection of crotchless garments. You'll often come across these options, each of which is available in several styles.

Crotchless Pantyhose

While you might wear conventional pantyhose with certain work outfits, lingerie stores often carry this garment in designs that are a little more kinky. One appealing example is crotchless pantyhose, which are designed to feature a hole that reveals your private area. You'll find crotchless pantyhose in several different styles, including various colors and materials. This type of lingerie can be fun because at first glance, it will look like conventional pantyhose. Depending on how you move your body, however, your partner will quickly notice the crotchless design and be excited.

Crotchless Bodysuit

In the world of lingerie, bodysuit is a general term that describes a one-piece garment that essentially covers your torso. Many people wear bodysuits on their own, while others combine them with a garter belt and stockings. There are all sorts of bodysuits on the market, including those that are highly revealing and those that don't show quite as much skin. Some bodysuits that are on the kinkier side will have a crotchless design. This can be another exciting type of lingerie to wear because of how your partner reacts. For example, if the bodysuit is low cut, your partner's attention might initially be on your upper half. You'll have fun playfully revealing the crotchless feature when the time is right.

Crotchless Swimsuit

Many lingerie retailers have swimsuit-inspired lingerie. Not only can these garments be comfortable to wear, but they can also allow you and your partner to explore some fun beach-related fantasies in the bedroom. If you're looking for a naughty design, look for some crotchless swimsuit lingerie. You'll find designs that are both one and two pieces, so it will be easy to choose a look that appeals to you and that you know your partner will enjoy. Browse these products at a kinky lingerie retailer.