4 Types Of Cannabis Fashion Apparel To Wear

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4 Types Of Cannabis Fashion Apparel To Wear

10 September 2021
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Cannabis fashion apparel allows people who enjoy this herb to show their support. The look of any given piece of cannabis apparel will depend on the methods used in its construction as well as the types of fabric used. You may find that you prefer a particular style of cannabis fashion or that you enjoy all of them equally. The only way to know for sure is to start shopping and trying garments. Here are four types of cannabis fashion apparel that you can try out:

1. Knit Cannabis Apparel

Knits are comfortable and versatile. Machine knit clothing can be very affordable. Best of all, it's stretchy, which allows it to fit any body type. You can take advantage of knit cannabis apparel if you'd like to add some cannabis-themed accessories to your wardrobe. Scarves and socks with knitted cannabis leaf designs will help you stay warm and cozy during the winter while showing off your favorite plant.

2. Woven Cannabis Apparel

Woven cannabis apparel is another option. Woven fabrics are usually less stretchy than their knit counterparts, which makes them ideal for structured garments. During the weaving process, threads of various colors can be used to create repeating patterns in the cloth. Cannabis leaves and buds can be woven directly into fabric in this manner. Woven apparel is a good choice if you'd like a button-down shirt or dress in a cannabis design.

3. Screen-Printed Cannabis Apparel

Patterned fabrics can be used to create fun fashion apparel, but you can also take advantage of screen-printed clothing. Screen-printing allows designs to be stenciled directly onto plain garments. It's a popular way to make t-shirts, but it can also be used to create designs on sweatpants, tote bags, and other types of clothing. Screen-printed designs can be simple or complex, using a single color or several colors. Screen-printed cannabis t-shirts are perfect for going to concerts or just hanging out around the house.

4. Hemp Fabric Cannabis Apparel

Cannabis is closely related to hemp, a crop that is cultivated for its strong fibers. Hemp is often used to create an all-natural, eco-friendly fabric that can be used to make clothing. If you care about protecting the environment, cannabis apparel made from hemp can be a good choice. Hemp fabric can be woven, knit, or screen-printed with cannabis designs. Knowing that you're wearing fabric made from a relative of the cannabis plant can also be a fun treat.