Seven Styling Tips That Give Your Wardrobe A Whole New Vibe

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Seven Styling Tips That Give Your Wardrobe A Whole New Vibe

22 September 2018
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As the seasons change, the vibe of your urban clothing should, too. While it may not be practical to invest in an entirely new wardrobe each style season, it does pay to evaluate and augment your existing closet with some quality and versatile items.

Seven tips that bring an entirely different vibe to your existing wardrobe are:

1.       Identify your staple pieces. Identify the staple pieces in your current closet and build around these. Make sure they fit well and that you love them, or they may not be your staple pieces. When shopping, look for garments that could be paired with these staple pieces to build a coordinating theme in your wardrobe.

2.       Complement with jewelry.  Choosing the right jewelry is a great way to expand and extend your staple wardrobe and clothing. For instance, buying bulky beaded necklaces and chunky belts are an effective way to 'warm-up' sundresses, tees, and summery garments for winter; also, mix and match your favorite chains, necklaces, and beads for eclectic, year-round accents.

3.       Learn to love layers. Layering is a great way to wear your light, summery items all year. It also offers you the opportunity to play with color, texture, and style. Keep summer garments, like sarongs, cover-ups, and light underpinnings, such as leggings, and tees, on-hand and layer during chilly months for a Bohemian-style that is chic any time of the year.

4.       Get rid of it. If you don't wear it or love it, get rid of it; streamlining your closet can help give it a defined style and themes will emerge that make it easier to pair and wear your clothing. Purge your closet at least once a year and consider selling your discarded pieces at online or local consignment stores.

5.       Wear white. Ignore rules such as no white after Labor Day; white is a fantastic and flattering color any time of the year! Some keys to wearing whiteare to accent simply with little pops of color, and to make sure the garment fits well.

6.       Consider a hat. Don't be afraid to top things off with a great hat. Thrift stores are great places for vintage style caps, hats, and accessories that can bring new flavor and pizzazz to your outfits and staple pieces.

7.       Maintain your investment. Invest in pieces each style season, but don't forget about maintaining and taking care of your investment. Visit local dry cleaners for professional service that will add years to the life of your delicate clothes and vintage items. Plus, it is a great way to freshen-up garments for the coming season or storage.

Sail smoothly and seamlessly into the next season with these seven suggestions to give your current closet a different vibe. Visit retailers to find just the right pieces to bring your existing apparel a fresh and flattering look.