Useful Tips That Will Help You Get Your Wig To Look Natural And Stay In Place

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Useful Tips That Will Help You Get Your Wig To Look Natural And Stay In Place

2 November 2017
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Are you interested in wearing wigs? If you love changing your look and style on a regular basis, but you don't want to cause damage to your natural hair by constantly bleaching it and dying it different colors, wearing wigs would be a great alternative option. If you're going to wear them, there are some tips you should follow if you'd like to keep your wig in place and make sure it looks as natural as possible:

Apply Bleach to the Wig Knots

If you're relatively new to the world of wigs, you may not know too much about wig knots. However, this is a term used to describe the lace material that is attached to the hair. When wearing the wig, these knots are located at the top of the head. It's important to bleach the knots so that they blend in with your scalp to make the wig look natural instead of looking out of place.

If you're going to bleach the knots, you'll need to purchase the powder bleach and developer from a beauty supply store and then mix equal parts together. Cover the hair on the wig with plastic wrap or foil to keep it protected while you're bleaching the knots. Simply take a color tinting brush, dip it into the bleach, and apply a generous amount to the wig knots. You'll only need to leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before wiping away the bleach with a wet towel. You'll now see the wig knots are much lighter and blend in a lot better.

Keep Your Natural Hair Covered

Before placing the wig over your natural hair, make sure to put your hair up in a low bun or ponytail. You'll then want to cover it with a wig cap. The wig caps are often available in shades of beige, black, and white. They're made of a breathable, lightweight material that feels good when worn on the head. You can find wig caps at many beauty supply stores as well as local drugstores.

Use Wig Adhesive

Once your natural hair covered, you can put the wig on your head and over your natural hair. As a way of keeping it in place throughout the day, make sure to use wig adhesive. The best way to use the adhesive is to apply a small amount on the edges of the wig closure that will touch your skin. The glue will stick to the skin to keep the wig in place without causing irritation. You should only use glue that is specifically designed for this purpose. Using other types of glue that aren't meant for the skin could cause some major skin irritation.

If you want to wear wigs to change your appearance as often as you'd like, but you want to make sure everything looks natural, make sure you're bleaching the knots, covering your natural hair completely, and using wig adhesive to get it to stay in place. These simple steps will leave you with a flawless look.