4 Tips for Sleep on Your Next Airplane Flight

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4 Tips for Sleep on Your Next Airplane Flight

18 January 2017
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When you have a long flight to make and need to be ready for work or other activities when you arrive at your destination, getting some sleep on the flight can help. But what is the best way to ensure you will be in a position to sleep a little on the plane? Here are four things to consider that can help put you in a position to catch a little sleep and hit the ground running when you land.

Pick the Right Seat

While it is not always possible to pick the seat you want on the plane, often you can go online to the airline's website and see the seats available. Normally the question of window seat or aisle is asked when you buy your ticket but not necessarily the row you want to sit in. Check in the night before your flight to see if there is an empty row that you can move your seat to and sit next to the window to allow you the most room and something to lean on while sleeping.

Use Sleep Aids

While not everyone wants to take a sleep aid, you can find some all natural ones that may help you fall asleep on the plane. For instance, Melatonin, the hormone in your brain that encourages sleep, is available over the counter and is a great way to help you fall asleep on your flight. Take a low dose to make you drowsy and it can help you get some good, natural sleep in flight.

Take Off Your Shoes

Sleeping can be more comfortable without your shoes on, but some people don't like to remove them when they fly. However, when you fly, your feet will swell a little, and removing your shoes is a great way to encourage better circulation, making you more comfortable during the flight. Wear new socks and slip on shoes for your flight so freeing the dogs is easy and getting those shoes back on at the other end can be done with very little effort.

Sleep on Your Best Side

Do you sleep better on one side or the other? Planning your seat to let you sleep on that side can be a good option. If you sleep better on your right side, see about a window seat on the right side of the plane if it is available. That way you can lay against the window on your right and sleep more comfortably.

These four tips may make it a little easier for you to catch a few winks on your next flight and make it easier for you to arrive awake, alert, and ready for your day.