There's More To Wild Fashion Than Animal Prints: Cool Designs You Can Try

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There's More To Wild Fashion Than Animal Prints: Cool Designs You Can Try

29 September 2016
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If you like to walk on the daring side of fashion, you've likely tried wearing animal prints in the past. Whether you have donned zebra stripe leggings or leopard-inspired flats, you know that you can turn heads by letting the wild animal kingdom take over your wardrobe. Wild fashion goes beyond the expected and traditional prints, however, and you can make a huge statement by thinking outside the box. Here are fashion trends you can try that allow you to do just that.

Quirky totes

A quirky tote brandishing a uniquely colorful and fun animal is sure to turn some heads, especially if you make your bag your signature statement piece for the day. Consider a tote that features a bright or popular bird, such as a peacock, flamingo, or an owl. If you are showcasing a bird print on your tote, mix things up and give it a splash of class by opting for a black and white version of a colorful species rather than a full-color design. This will turn heads and allow you to accessorize your tote for work and play. Check out a company like Flamingo Designs to browse their selection of quirky totes.

Statement tops

Repeating patterns mimic animal prints in a new way. Consider creating a statement top with a repeating elephant, giraffe, rhino, or alligator silhouette. The print doesn't have to be large or in full detail to make a statement as the choice of animal to be printed does all the talking for you. Safari prints are a trending and expected fashion statement so you can think outside the fashion line without appearing too childish in your appearance.

Wild accessories

If you aren't ready to really let your fashion sense roar just yet, stick to simple accessories that are animal-based but not too flashy. A paw print staple necklace, tiger-face cocktail ring, peacock feather earrings, or even a snake bangle to wrap around your wrist are all ways you can express your wild side without going too far overboard. Pair these accessories with modern pieces you love to really mix things up.

If you are tired of the classic animal prints you see worn everywhere or you just want to try something new, there are many ways you can do so with animal-inspired pieces. Pair your wild fashion pieces with neutral clothing items to allow them to stand out, or let them be worn in a muted way so you can show off your style without feeling overwhelmed by your fashion choices.