Three Necessities For Winter Hunting Boots

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Three Necessities For Winter Hunting Boots

31 August 2016
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When you are out hunting your trophy through the harsh winter months the last thing that you want to worry about is your feet. There are so many different boots that are available and many of them have great aspects, but fall short in some areas. This article is going to outline three absolute must haves when it comes to winter hunting boots. Like mentioned earlier there are many boots that are available, and it can be very difficult to pick out the right pair. So, when you are picking out your winter hunting boots be sure that these three features are included.


One of the biggest mistakes that is made when picking up winter boots is the lack of airflow. You can have the warmest boots in the world but if your feet sweat, you are in danger of becoming cold. There are many boots out there that provide breathability along with great warmth. Look for boots that advertise breathability or boots that allow moisture to be transported away from the feet. A boot company will outline product highlights on tags, and be sure the tag says it allows for moisture to be wicked away from your foot, or that it is breathable. 


It is going to be very cold if you are hunting in the winter, but do not think for one second that all the water is going to be solid. If the sun is out for an extended period of time, there is a very good chance that some of the snow will be melted. You are going to come across water, and the worse thing that could possibly happen is getting your feet wet. Your winter boots absolutely have to be waterproof. 

Well Insulated 

There are many different grades of insulation. Your winter hunting boots will need to be picked for a very specific area. If you are going to be hunting in the Canadian Rockies, you are going to need more insulation than say if you are hunting the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. There are different colds in the world, and you are going to need to be specific about how much insulation you need. If you try to get a medium amount of insulation you risk being cold during really cold weather, or to hot in an average winter. Be sure that you get the right amount of insulation for the area you are going to be in.