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While there are some of my clothes that get thrown out, there are also a lot that I keep in storage. Once in a while, it is fun to look through them and remember the times long ago when I wore them. Some clothes are things that I wonder why I ever wore them. Some are simply too small for me to fit in. Some clothes items, such as some of my old band t-shirts take me back and remind me of cool places I visited and fun bands that I saw back when I was a a lot younger. This site is dedicated to telling your personal history through clothing and fashion.


How To Find The Perfect Matching Outfits For You And Your Child

7 February 2023
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Matching outfits can be a fun way to show off your style and connection with your child. But how do you pick the perfect matching outfit for both of you? Here are some key tips that will help you find the right look for any occasion. Consider the Occasion Choosing matching outfits for you and your child can be an enjoyable and creative task, but you need to consider the occasion. Read More …