How To Select The Most Flattering Lingerie For Your Body Type

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How To Select The Most Flattering Lingerie For Your Body Type

13 November 2014
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Whether you're shopping for lingerie for your wedding night or simply want to surprise your significant other with some sexy lingerie, the fact remains that not all styles of lingerie are flattering on all body types. In order to look your best and feel the most confident in your new designer lingerie, like pieces from Lena Style, then it's important that you not only know your body type, but that you know how to find lingerie that flatters your body type. Read on to explore some helpful tips.

For Curvier Women

If you've got a larger bust, it can sometimes be challenging to find lingerie that's both pretty and supportive. Fortunately, by shopping for lingerie that comes with a demi-cup, you'll be able to enjoy the support you need without necessarily sacrificing style in the process. Demi-cups are sturdy and come with a built-in underwire, much like what you'd find in a regular bra. 

So you've got the top covered, but what about bottoms? If you're a curvier girl, then a pair of boyshorts is likely your most practical and flattering solution. Boyshorts accentuate your curves in all the right places.

Smaller-Busted Women

What if you've got the exact opposite problem and have a bust that's a little smaller than you'd like? No worries; there's plenty of lingerie that comes with a built-in push-up cup and underwire. These push-up pieces often come with both bottom and side padding, giving you that extra boost to achieve the cleavage you desire. If you're not sure a push-up is quite your style, consider a piece of lingerie that comes with removable pads.

If you're smaller on the bottom, you can also get away with a boyshort, which is great for accentuating the curves you do have. However, you might also want to consider a low-rise panty that will show off your hips.

What About That Stomach Pooch?

While a lot of lingerie exposes the tummy, this can leave some women feeling a bit self-conscious. If you'd like to find lingerie that'll make you appear slimmer, look for a set with a built-in corset. If that sounds a little too uncomfortable for you, try a lingerie top with loose, flowing material that covers the stomach. A high-rise panty can also work wonders when it comes to hiding your stomach.

As you can see, it's possible to find lingerie to flatter any body type. All that's left to do now is shop!